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Honestly really interesting to see what an American studio thought of the limited lore of Street Fighter of the time: GUILE IS THE MAIN GUY, HES THE MAIN HERO, HES THE MAIN GUY AND THE HERO. USA. USA. other than that its funny people were just hating on this for no real reason in my eyes. its fun.

love these guys, they made keeby - my favorite kirby character

tried hitting them up when I was 8 to see if anyone wanted to trade my Haunter back and forth so I can get a Gengar but they never got back to me.

Finally puts an end to the playground debates of who would win in a fight:

3-D Man or that guy from Battle Circuit who looks like Elvis

The Euphoric Brothers when The Dysphoric Sisters walk in

Xbox would be doing a lot better right now if they launched the Series X with another Xbox exclusive Shrek game, and also stopped closing entire studios- that would probably also help too.

personally if i came across a white guy in the woods i'd be terrified

i mean its allrriiiiiightt, but have you read dragon ball?

"uuuhhm superman is boring and unrealistic" he is a kind soul

there are gay animals on my sony playstation oh god

they've been at it for 32 years and its honestly incredible how they haven't figured out how to make a good fighting game yet

literally how could anyone hate King, he's a buff wrestler who wears a jaguar mask who only makes various growls. Thats literally the most perfect guy ever?? pack it up character designers, no ones gonna be able to beat this.

this is funny i like when the car (forgot his name) says he hates mondays and its so funny ebcause hes a feline and does not have a job. .. he has no reason to hate monday!!! it is so funny .. .

why'd they design the characters like that. like genuinely what kind of kinks did the character designers have for this one its genuinely kind of interesting on how they turned out like that.

but also this game kinda sucks theres not even any local multiplayer lol

this might actually be the best video game ever made aside from maybeeee tetris.

fucking FREAK i've seen how he looks at grilled cheese. cant even hunt a wabbit, stupid dumb ass hunter

i like grilled cheese but i dont wanna give it a full Y rating out of fear people mistake me for liking grilled cheese as much as that elmer fudd FREAK

Y? 58%
50 ratings
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