Dr. Kleiner and Chester Bennington were right, It DOES start with one
duuuuumb. you already have a phone. to clad yourself in redundancy is the garb of the mundane
if you get enough of these through your life and then they all drop off out of nowhere due to your powers & abilities, it feels like rock lee taking the training weights off
His signature strategy: go AFK and win.
This is just one example of his greatness.
His signature strategy: go AFK and win.
This is just one example of his greatness.
Good for making comebacks. Bad for friendships.
Everyone has UNO, it came free with your numerical system.
No longer my favorite because of the drastically increasing temperatures. In layman's terms, "It's too hot, oh damn!" But hey, I'm all for the Big Break and the many birthdays I celebrate, including mine.
Getting stuck in high snow sucks. Speaking from experience. But hey, I'm a sucker for days off from school and celebrating holidays!
Pokemon X was my first Pokemon game. Couldn't get past the dog puzzle though because I was baby.
Friendship is cool, but forcing it is not. At least I can give out trade evolutions via Surprise Trading.
Like I said, y'all are too damn irresponsible.
I'm tired of all the mischaracterizations. He only fights the player out of desperation.
Sans and Papyrus, to name two. My headcanon is that all the fictional skeletons with unconfirmed relationship status are cousins.
Everybody's heard about the bird! Bird is the word!

-The Trashmen
I was originally going to Y this then I remembered Uranus exists
He has a different ethnic background then i do, which upsets me, obviously
honestly? peak. love this freaking movie so much
me and the homies trusting the people that are inheritly nontrustable because its' the only thing we have
I'm not rating this a Y because of the yes song.
I'm rating this a Y because of the experience of jumping one in video games.
It feels VERY good
Rate anything and everything
Collaborative watchlists with voting
Goof with friends
State of the YYNN

May 6

Ratings for certain things inherit the ratings of their related things. For example, a TV show will inherit a rating from all it's episodes. This is mixed with 50-50 weight with user ratings of the item itself. Will need to redesign the pages to make this clearer.

May 5

Rate page to rate random items you haven't rated yet.

Rating breakdown graph on things. Sort by controversial on thing lists.

Previous Updates

April 29

Followers and private accounts!

Search also now finds YYNN users. You can create lists from anywhere you can add things to lists. A little notification center for when someone reviews your review or you get a follow request if you have a private account.

April 27

You can now optionally vote on items on lists. Since you can add other users to lists, you can use this to decide what to watch with friends!

You can now easily add items to lists right from search. I also improved mobile support for lists, navigation, and more.

April 26

Added an initial version of collaborative lists. Add a bunch of friends to a list and you can pick movies you want to watch, books for your book club, etc. I also improved the navbar a bit and some misc stuff.

April 25

Light one today. You can edit and delete your own reviews, improved social links to generate an image card showing the rating, fixed some bugs.

I also improved the feedback form! Please let me know what you think, good or bad, about the site in general! It's extremely helpful, and most people don't give feedback. 🙏

Thanks everyone!

April 24

Basic lists, improved sign-in. No passwords! Email links or passkeys. You can edit your username and email and profile pic. UX cleanup, bug fixes, improved data sources.

April 23

Fixed a bunch of layout stuff, improved data sources for movie and TV cast and rew, and a million random things. But mainly, you can rate other ratings! 🤯

April 22

Mostly still cleaning things up (see done list). Gotta do some more of that tomorrow, and then hopefully can start on the list feature.

April 21

👋 Cool to see people poking around! 💖

Made a horrible version of this a while ago, but had a buch of new ideas so I'm working on it for the next few days! Help! It's accidentally 5AM again!

Today, got a bit closer on usability, still fairly barebones and wonky. Added photos, tagging, more metadata. Redesigned a bunch of pages.

Please leave any feedback you have with the button at the top, even if its just a half-formed thought! Everything helps!

To-Do List
  • "Docket" where you can easily add stuff to check out (like a watchlist type thing)
Recently Done
  • Make it easier to add items to lists
  • Private profiles, for shy guys
  • Rewrite the little manifesto below and explain the site better.
  • Follow other users
  • Collaborative voting lists (so you can pick movies with friends)
  • Fix terribly stupid bug slowing down search
  • Edit and delete your existing ratings
  • Passwordless sign-in with magic links
  • Passkeys
  • Basic list feature
  • Passkeys and magic links instead of passwords
  • Be able to rate other ratings
  • Make rating flow less cumbersome and nicer looking
  • Easier way to return to what you were doing after rating
  • Clean up design of thing page.
  • Make mobile layout more usable