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it is a good whirlwind tour of both shows but also focuses too much on the big catchphrases and "iconic elements" or whatever, which doesn't really let either show demonstrate it's full creativity

tried hitting them up when I was 8 to see if anyone wanted to trade my Haunter back and forth so I can get a Gengar but they never got back to me.

Finally puts an end to the playground debates of who would win in a fight:

3-D Man or that guy from Battle Circuit who looks like Elvis

The Euphoric Brothers when The Dysphoric Sisters walk in

Xbox would be doing a lot better right now if they launched the Series X with another Xbox exclusive Shrek game, and also stopped closing entire studios- that would probably also help too.

as Fred Durst once said, "now i know you're all really liking this stuff right here!"

every step of the way - the ARG, the CD changing designs when exposed to heat, the more "experimental" sounds (for 2007 at least), the remix album that came out later - this album rules ridiculously. i have a rapidly deteriorating us bureau of morality shirt that i still wear during any appropriate circumstance

The last meaningful game in this series. It's nothing special but it expanded on everything wd1 did. While watch dogs 1 was slower and overall more grounded/limited in its approach to it's gameplay this game is all about messing around with crazy hacks and creating mayhem with your hacker crew. It's a shame what this series became. So much potential squandered for nothing. 8/10 game tho .

Naughty dogs story telling peak. Can't go wrong with the first tlou. Influenced the industry's way of telling compelling story's. It's story is a master piece.

Needed some extra work. It's a long game with a story you will either like or strongly dislike. Gameplay is mostly the same as tou 1 minus some additions like dodging and a jump button. Overall it's meh. Imo

I am once again asking why there isn't a fusion genre between Math Rock and Bluegrass music called Mathgrass?

The fashion was stupid, but the music was good.