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"Feline means of sending or receiving information" is maybe one of the best sequences of words I've ever read

Honestly really interesting to see what an American studio thought of the limited lore of Street Fighter of the time: GUILE IS THE MAIN GUY, HES THE MAIN HERO, HES THE MAIN GUY AND THE HERO. USA. USA. other than that its funny people were just hating on this for no real reason in my eyes. its fun.

love these guys, they made keeby - my favorite kirby character

technically a star trek episode but absolutely brain dead writing and flat directing and acting. ugh

I've had at least 2 of these before, they were kinda cool but honestly fell short of my expectations. Maybe if I were to get better at it I would enjoy them more?

What's with all the ridiculously long standing ovations? Do you think the movie's gonna come back out and perform another set?

the cream cheese was bad and the bagels were stale/dry. idk whats up because i heard this place was good