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"four score and seven years ago i put into motion the ability for one person to manage the lives and livelihoods of 333.3 million (as of 2022)" - george washington when he was in that little boat

i gotta deal with this every time i go to a new supermarket

as Fred Durst once said, "now i know you're all really liking this stuff right here!"

every step of the way - the ARG, the CD changing designs when exposed to heat, the more "experimental" sounds (for 2007 at least), the remix album that came out later - this album rules ridiculously. i have a rapidly deteriorating us bureau of morality shirt that i still wear during any appropriate circumstance

only if it's a lust for revenge, which is typically fraught with tragedy while simultaneously being kickass

beep beep! here comes a one in four thousand chance to see somebody drive a refrigerator around town

Limp Bizkit had a song called "phenomenon" once and it was probably about these things

everything up to the first movie shines and then right after that it just plummets. right into the pit.

the first game i ever just wandered around in, just living in the world. the second one was midtown madness 2